Jonathan Arone

Litigation Fellow

Los Angeles


Jonathan Arone joined Stris & Maher in 2017 after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from The University of Chicago in three years.

His thesis, which examined how economic conditions influenced the enfranchisement of immigrants in the United States, earned Mr. Arone departmental honors in History. He has also written on topics such as state cooptation of social movements, the unenforceability of Section Two of the Fourteenth Amendment, and how misogyny emboldened the KKK during Reconstruction.

While at school, Mr. Arone sprinted on the track and field team for one season, then worked nearly full-time throughout his second and third years. In 2016, he also interned in the Solicitor’s Office of the United States Department of the Interior.

Following his fellowship, Mr. Arone plans to attend law school or to pursue graduate-level studies in American legal history.


UChicago, A.B. (2017)